Rooting has lots of benefits. Rooting allows you to do various things that you normally can’t do. Now that you have rooted your phone, what’s next ? These are the list of best apps for rooted android phones :

1) System App Remover

First thing that you should do after rooting your phone is to remove bloatware from you device. Most of the pre-installed apps cannot be removed without root access. Now that you have the root access, you can easlily get rid of those apps and free up some space.

2) AdAway

Got sick of those Ads. in some of the apps. You will not have to suffer anymore. AdAway blocks all the ads in your browsers as well as android apps. Just installl it and give it the root access to see its magic.

3) Greenify

Greenify is the best app to manage your phone’s resources. It kills the unnessesary apps and background processes and frees some of the RAM. This makes device more responsive and also saves battery too !


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