Instagram Python Bot


Please Read Before Downloading!


Be responsible and use this bot with proper settings. In case you make your settings too high and get banned. I will not be responsible.


This bot is made by the contribution of many programmers and different modes of bot were created by different programmers.

Keep in Mind

Best mode to run the bot is Mode 0 which is also the default one. This mode is regularly updated and has fewer errors.

In Case of Error

Instagram regularly updates its JSON structure and other components so, this bot might crash once or twice a month. In that case, download a newer version of bot and wait for developers to release fix. OR you can contact me in that case through my email.

Issues in Bot

If you encounter any error while running the bot, research first before posting to Github Issues page.

Want me to install it for you?

If you get confused while installing the bot or want me to help you, email me and I can install it for just 5$.

Email: [email protected]

Download Link:↓

GitHub Link:


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