Wireless internet connection aren’t still bug-free. We may face lots of type of problem while connecting to Wi-Fi.
Note : If you feel too lazy to follow the steps below. Click here to download the file that does the same thing as mentioned below !


Most common problem is “Limited Access” which is due various reason. One the reason is DNS server not working properly. DNS stands for Domain Name System. When you are facing this problem, computer cannot communicate with the server that turns Domain Name to the IP Address of the website server. Most of the time it can be solved by the following ways :

Method 1 : Flushing DNS !

Step 1 :

Go to Start and Open notepad !


Step 2 :

Type the following code in it :

@echo off

netsh int ip reset


netsh winsock reset

ipconfig /flushdns




Step 3 :

Save the file as “dnsfix.cmd” to the Desktop. Don’t forget to add “.cmd” at the end !


Step 4 :

Now run the “dnsfix.cmd” file as administrator. You will see some codes running. Then press any key to exit. Now your internet connection must me restored. If it still doesn’t fix see the other ideas below.

Method 2 : The Simple One

Step 1:

Right click on the network icon and open “Network and Sharing Center”.


Step 2:

Click “Change Adapter Settings”


Step 3:

Locate your Wi-Fi adapter and click disable. Then again enable it. It may fix the problem.


Method 3 : Update Driver


Open “Device Manager”

Locate your Wi-Fi driver under “Network Adapters” section.

Right click and uninstall.

Then Restart your computer and again open “Device Manager”.

Now again locate your Wi-Fi adapter.

Left click it and go to drivers tab.

Now update your network adapter driver from there !


NOTE : If your internet wasn’t restored even after doing this, it may have been disconnected due to other issues so check if it is working in other devices. You can also contact your ISP about this issue.


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