Looks like someone fixed the new Not Liked 403, Loops, CSRFToken issues. Check it here:


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—–Everything below is outdated—–

Notice: We are receiving many emails regarding errors. Seems like Instagram changed something. Please wait while we investigate the situation!

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘group’

To Fix :

Download this file and replace userinfo.py (NOT user_info.py) file in “src” folder with the new one:

userinfo.py ↓

KeyError & CSRF Errors

Download this file and replace instabot.py file in “src” folder with the new one:

instabot.py ↓

All of this issue should be fixed by the method shown in this video :
1) Python is not recognized
2) CSRF token error
3) Cookie token error etc.



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